You can pay for the transportation before receiving the parcel in a convenient way for you


·      In cash
·      With VISA and MASTERCARD cards
·      Transfer or deposit to our bank account
·      With a plastic card from your account
·      With fast payment machines

When transferring and / or depositing money to a bank account, please provide your name, GT number and tracking number. (The shipping invoice is automatically generated in your account).

Our Bank Account Requisites



IBAN: GE61TB3758836020100007


ID 205294466


To pay for shipping with a plastic card (VISA or MASTERCARD), you need to select the parcels in your account and click the "Pay by plastic card" button.

To pay for transportation from the balance, you need to select the parcels in your account and click the "Pay by personal balance" button.

You can top up your personal balance with fast TBCPAY and OPPA machines, as well as from Oppa e-wallet

To replenish the balance with fast payment machines in the "Parcels" section, click on the logo, enter your account number (without GT) and top up the balance.

You can top up the balance with a plastic card from the given link

Enter your account number (without GT), click "Check", in the subscriber box should be written the name and surname indicated in the account, if the data matches, fill in the balance.

Upon replenishment of the personal balance, the excess amount will remain on your balance and will be deducted from your debt on the next payment.

Remember that the following fee is added when paying for transportation with fast payment machines and plastic card:

• In case of replenishment of the balance with fast payment machines, 2% of the deposited amount, maximum fee 1 GEL.

• 3% in case of payment by plastic card from personal profile