Service Terms & Conditions


Please read the terms and conditions of the company's service carefully before using the website.

All users who want to use the services of GETIT.GE , are obliged to agree and follow all the following terms and conditions, without exception. The administration of GETIT.GE  reserves the right, at any time unilaterally, by posting on the same website, to make changes to these terms without further consent of the user.



1.  By agreeing to these terms and conditions, the User acknowledges that:

1.1. Is a legal entity established in accordance with the legislation of Georgia or natural person 18 years of age or older;

1.2. All data provided by him/her are accurate;

1.3. GETIT.GE  agrees to search / verify and process any user-specified or related information, including personal information and / or universal identifiers, before terminating the contract after opening a personal account.
2. Open and use of the account:

2.1. The user is registered on the website www.GETIT.GE ;

2.2. For registration, the user indicates his name, surname, first name, personal number, identification code, contact address, telephone number, e-mail and password. The system does not keep it open and is not accessible to anyone except the owner.

3.1. The user assumes full responsibility for any action taken on his account. If a person accesses the user's account on behalf of another person, it is assumed that he / she has sufficient authority to impose certain obligations on the user. The Company is not liable for any damage caused by a third party accessing the User Account.

3.2. The user is obliged to ensure the accuracy of the information in his personal account and its updating. GETIT.GE  will not be liable for any damages caused by the non-fulfillment of the mentioned obligation by the user. GETIT.GE  is authorized at any time to request confirmation of the accuracy of the information from the user or submission of documents or other evidence;

4. British, American, Chinese and Emirates Shipping addresses

4.1.  After registering on our web-site, you will automatically receive an account with your individual shipping addresses in the United States, China, England and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). When you buy something in online stores, you specify this address.

5. Parcel Management Panel:

5.1.  Parcels sent to the individual shipping address are reflected in the user profile / account, in the parcel management panel. User also monitors parcels arriving at the address, adding incoming parcels, declaring and reimbursing transportation fees.

5.2. The company is not obliged to physically own any warehouse, it can use a third party warehouse;

6. Shipping cost, weight rounding and payment

6.1. Shipping cost:

The cost of 1 kg of parcel / cargo air freight from the US  is equivalent to $ 8.5 in GEL.

The cost of 1 kg of parcel / cargo air freight fromthe UK is equivalent to $ 9 in GEL.

Shipping costs from the US and the UK are calculated only for physical weight without volumetric weight. * (Excluding A / M bumper and oversized cargo)
The cost of transporting 1 kg of parcel / cargo from the United Arab Emirates is equivalent to $ 6 in GEL. The cost of transportation from the UAE is calculated only in terms of physical weight without volumetric weight. Except for a / m bumper and oversized cargo)

The cost of transporting 1 kg of parcel / cargo from China $12 in GEL for legal entities and $12.3 in GEL for individuals

The cost of transporting clothing and footwear from China shall be calculated on the basis of physical weight only, while the cost of transporting other items shall be calculated on the basis of the volumetric weight specified in paragraph 6.5.

* To check the conditions of non-standard / oversized cargo and / or parcels, it is necessary to contact us in advance.

In case of parcel delivery from Gori and Kutaisi branches: USA1kg-$9.5, UK1kg-$10, UAE 1kg-$7

6.2.Weight rounding Parcels from the USA and the UK are rounded to the nearest 100 g. From the United Arab Emirates,  is rounded to the nearest 100 grams.
The weight of parcels from China is rounded to the nearest 100 g

6.3. Payment

The cost of transportation will be uploaded to the user's account upon arrival of the cargo in Tbilisi.

Payment must be made only in the form of payment indicated on the website

6.4 If there is a debt for the delivery of the parcel to Global Transporter Ltd by the customer, the company reserves the right not to issue other messages to the customer until the debt is fully repaid.

6.5 Volume (chargeable) weight.

If the volumetric weight exceeds the real one, the transportation cost is calculated by the volumetric weight.

Volumetric weight is determined by the length, width, height multiplied by the parcel and divided by 6000, centimeters and kilograms per unit according to the following formula: Length X Width X Height / 6000. For more information, see the Calculator section at
The cost of transporting clothing and footwear is calculated solely on the basis of physical weight.

6.6 Collecting parcels from Gori Branch: 4GEL will be added to transportation fee on parcels up to 10 KG, over 10 kg 10 GEL

7. Parcel Repackaging Service

7.1. The size reduction service applies only to parcels sent from the United Arab Emirates and involves reducing the emptiness of the parcel as much as possible, at the expense of cutting and folding the mailbox, rearranging it in another box or package.
7.2. Repackaging service does not apply to parcels sent from other countries.

8. Courier service

8.1 Courier service fee throughout Tbilisi is 6 GEL per up to 10 kg. 10-20 kg 15 GEL, in case of more than 20 kg, please contact us to specify the tariff

8.2. Courier service on the territory of Georgia (except Tbilisi) costs 10 GEL per up to 10 kg. 10-20 kg 20 GEL, in case of more than 20 kg, please contact us to specify the tariff

8.3. The courier delivers the parcel to the address specified by the customer in the system or to the address specified in the courier service announcement and only once.

8.4. In case of wishing to deliver the parcel to another address, the customer needs to change the address in the address bar on the Global Transporter website, in his own account. Fixation of change is required before paying the parcel fee. Otherwise change will not be considered.

8.5. The courier does not carry the parcel on the floors.

8.6. Before arriving at the address, the courier will call the mobile number on the customer's page to deliver the parcel to the customer. If the connection fails within a few minutes due to the customer or the telecommunications company, the courier will take the parcel to the warehouse, from where the customer is obliged to deliver the parcel himself.

8.7. To receive the parcel, the customer needs to have the ID card or passport of the recipient (the person whose name is written directly on the parcel). Photocopies will not be accepted. It is also possible to submit a notarized power of attorney.

8.8. The parcel transfer is confirmed by the user by presenting an ID or passport and the relevant entry in the user's account.

8.9. Arrived parcels will be stored in the warehouse for 30 (thirty ten) days. If the customer is unable to collect the parcel within the specified period, he/she must notify the company no later than one week before the expiration date by e-mail specified on the website. Unclaimed shipments will be delivered to the state after 30 days

10. A parcel can be transferred to a third party only if it can submit any of the following documents:

10.1. Recipient's ID card, or passport with payment receipt.

10.2. Notarized power of attorney, ID card and payment receipt

11. Parcels are issued from the office from Monday to Friday from 11:00-19:00 Saturday 11:00-15:00

12.  The flight schedule is not fixed and the company is not responsible for flight delays in case of force majeure (eg difficult weather conditions, schedule canceled or changed by the airline, etc.).

13. If the status of the parcel is displayed on the website of the postal company as "delivered" and it also appears that the parcel is delivered "signed by…", but the parcel is not physically delivered by mail to our company warehouse, in this case, the user must contact the sender to appeal the inadmissibility of the parcel. After filing a complaint, the postal company must include the so-called investigation or Tracer, meaning search status, which means that a search is declared on the parcel to determine what address it was actually delivered to. The above procedures are mandatory for the user. Global Transporter LTD does not make a commitment on parcels that did not physically arrive at our warehouse, In case of a disputed situation even if the status of the postal company on the website is delivered and Signed by … , The company Global Transporter as well as its partner companies operating in the US, UK, China and the United Arab Emirates will confirm to the sending company by mail or fax that the parcel did not physically reach the customer's address.

14. Customs clearance:

14.1. f the value of the parcel exceeds 300 GEL or 30 kilograms, as well as if the parcel contains homogeneous goods, which are considered as customs commercial goods, it goes through unconditional customs clearance procedure.

15.2. The cost of transporting the customs parcel is added to the cost of preparing the customs declaration in the amount of 10 GEL, in the case of a parcel sent from the United Arab Emirates, the equivalent of 10 USD in GEL. Customs clearance is based on the invoice (order) of the item submitted by the user, in exceptional cases, Global Transporter reserves the right to request additional information (opening an account, proof of payment, etc.) in order to verify the invoice, in case of non-compliance with the above request, the company reserves the right to transfer the parcel to the Revenue Service.

15. Declaration (indication of product name and price) is mandatory on the website of Global Transporter. The responsibility for the accuracy of the information lies entirely with the customer.


15.1. In the case that the Customs Service or the Ministry of Finance imposes a fine on Global Transporter for all or part of a customer's failure to comply with the Terms of Service (eg incomplete or inaccurate declaration of products), Global Transporter reserves the right to charge the Customer a fine.

16. See a list of products whose shipping is limited. In case of sending prohibited products by the customer, the company Global Transporter does not take responsibility for sending the products to Georgia or for confiscation of the products by the customs abroad.

16.1. If the customer still sends the prohibited products to the address of the American, British, Chinese and / or United Arab Emirates delivered to the customer by Global Transporter, the company does not take responsibility for returning the parcel to the parcel sending shop or to a private person. This violation will be considered as a violation of the terms of service, which will lead to unconditional termination of the service and the imposition of fines on the customer, which will be determined by the amount of material damage to the company Global Transporter.

17. All information and conditions posted on the Global Transporter website, including text material from the FAQ section and the Terms of Service page, are genuine and form an integral part of the Terms of Service. Terms of service are considered to be an agreement between the company and the customer from the moment of registration on the customer's website.

18. Global Transporter does not take responsibility for the transportation of parcels in Georgia, if the customer makes an error while subscribing to the product and indicates the address incompletely or incorrectly. Change of address by the user is not allowed and it must be written exactly as given on the user page, as well as in the e-mail received during registration.

19. Global Transporter reserves the right to record and store customer relationship data (via all types of Internet, telecommunications or video surveillance systems, including e-mail, chat or telephone), which the Company may use to protect the rights of its customers or other users. In case of dispute.

20. The user agrees that the documents submitted by him to receive the parcel (ID, passport, bank receipt) are authentic and the responsibility for the authenticity of these documents lies entirely with the customer.

21. Account closure and usage restrictions

21.1. GETIT.GE  The Customer is entitled to unilaterally terminate or restrict the right to use the Company's services if it considers that the requirements of these Terms and Conditions have been violated, of which the Customer shall be notified by email. In this case, the account is closed or the use is restricted from the moment of receiving the notification defined in this article;

21.2. In the event that the Company closes the account or restricts its use, the user is not authorized to create a new account on his or her behalf.

21.3. The user is entitled to terminate the use of GETIT.GE  service at any time, which does not lead to the termination of the privacy obligation under this agreement.

21.4. The use of any kind of slang, unethical or offensive terms by the client, whether by e-mail, telephone, chat or in person, as well as loud talking, raising the tone, shouting, mocking or ironic speech - will result in immediate and unconditional termination of customer service. Provided.

22. Global Transporter is committed to the Customer only for the services described on the Terms of Service page. The Company provides the User with access to the Website and the Services in accordance with these Terms and Conditions. The Company makes no other promises or warranties regarding the Service or any product or service that forms part of the Service; We do not warrant that the Website and / or Services will be permanently available or free of software bugs, viruses or other errors.

23. Personal data and information on personal account transactions are confidential, not subject to disclosure except in cases provided by law;

24. Violation of the obligations set forth in these Terms and Conditions shall result in liability under these Terms and the current legislation of Georgia; The parties undertake to compensate each other for the damage (loss) caused as a result of their full or partial non-fulfillment or improper fulfillment of the conditions in accordance with the rules established by law and / or conditions;

​25. These Terms and Conditions shall remain in force until the User Registration is canceled after the entry into force.

26. These terms are regulated and interpreted in accordance with the legislation of Georgia;

27. Any dispute or disagreement relating to these terms or their interpretation shall be settled by negotiation between the parties; If the parties fail to reach an agreement through negotiation, they unconditionally agree to resort to other means of resolving the dispute provided to them by the legislation of Georgia.

28. These terms may be subject to change. . GETIT.GE  has the right to unilaterally make changes in the text of these Terms and to inform the Customer about this through the GETIT.GE  information media, including the website, GETIT.GE  through any other channel and / or e-mail; With each substantial change of the terms, the customer will have the opportunity to consent to the use of any channel GETIT.GE .

29. The user, without the written consent of GETIT.GE , is not entitled to transfer the rights and requirements arising from these conditions or to impose obligations on another person;

30. These Terms and Conditions, together with other related agreements, constitute a single and complete agreement with respect to the Website and / or the Services and supersedes all prior and parallel communications, perceptions, as well as written or oral statements and warranties of the Website and / or the Services.

31. Cases that are not provided for in the contract are regulated by the current legislation of Georgia and / or additionally agreed conditions;

32. In case of force majeure, the parties are released from the contractual obligation (s); Force majeure is a circumstance that arises and takes place beyond the control of the party and the party, due to objective data, does not have the ability to have any influence on this circumstance. Force majeure must be a well-known event / fact or event / fact, which is confirmed by an authoritative and reliable source. 

Thank you for your cooperation.