To use the courier service:

Click the "Courier" button in your account;
Check "Courier Address", change if necessary;
In the field of courier parcels, mark the parcels to be sent by courier;
Choose a courier - "Tbilisi Courier" or "Regional Courier";
Make payment for courier parcels using the payment method "Courier payment by card" or "Courier payment by balance".
Please note that the above-mentioned forms of payment ("Courier payment by card" or "Courier payment by balance") are only used to pay for courier shipments.
It is possible to pay for already paid parcels and unpaid parcels together with the courier, only with the personal balance with the "Pay the courier with balance" button.
If you choose "Courier payment by card", you cannot pay the courier of already paid parcels and unpaid parcels in one payment.

In such a case, pay for unpaid parcel transportation without the courier through the "Pay by card" button (located below the balance and debt) and only then select "Pay the courier by card" to add the already paid parcels to the courier.
Parcels paid before 2 pm are sent the same day and charged to the customer the next day, and parcels paid after 2 pm are sent the next day after payment.

Orders placed on Saturday will be shipped on Monday

Please note that the courier will not carry the package on floors.

If you have any additional questions, please contact us