After registering on the official website of "Global Transporter" Ltd., you will receive an individual account with your American, British, Chinese and Dubai addresses.


  • British, American, Chinese and Emirates mailing addresses:

After registering on our web site, you will automatically receive an account with your individual mailing addresses in the United States, China, England and the United Arab Emirates (Dubai). When you buy something in online stores you have to specify this address. 

  • Parcel Management Panel:

Parcels received on the individual mailing addresses are displayed in the user’s parcel management panel where user monitors parcels arriving at the address, adding incoming parcels, declaring and reimbursing transportation fees.


  • Flight Schedule:

USA: Parcels received Monday through Wednesday will be sent on Thursday, Thursday to Sunday will be sent on Monday

UK: Parcels received through Monday will be sent on Tuesday 

Dubai: Parcels received through Tuesday will be sent on Wednesdays ,parcels received through Saturday will be sent on Sunday

China: Parcels received through Saturday will be sent on Sunday

Shipping time 5-8 days



  • Shipping fees and How is the weight rounded:

The weight of all parcels is rounded to the nearest 100 grams.

The minimum weight of parcels sent from the United Arab Emirates (Dubai) will be calculated at 1 kg, and above 1 kg will be rounded to the nearest 100 grams.

The cost of 1 kg of parcel / cargo air freight from the US  $8.5 and the UK $9 equivalent in GEL.

Shipping costs from the US and the UK are calculated for physical weight only without volumetric weight (excluding A / M bumper) *.

The cost of transporting 1 kg of parcel / cargo from the United Arab Emirates is equivalent to $ 6 in GEL.

The cost of transportation from the UAE is calculated only in terms of physical weight without volumetric weight. (Except for A / M bumper).

The cost of air parcel / cargo shipping from China is equivalent to $12 for legal entities and $12.3  for individual persons in GEL.

The cost of transporting clothes and shoes from China is calculated only by physical weight, while the cost of transporting other types of shipments is calculated by volume weight.


* To check the conditions of non-standard / oversized cargo and / or parcels, it is necessary to contact us in advance



  • Payment methods:
Transportation fee can be paid by cash, bank card (Visa, MasterCard, AmericanExpress), 
fast payment machines TBC Pay, PAY BOX, e-wallet Oppa, TBC BANK mobile and internet banking; 
Also by enrolling in our bank account. 
(The shipping invoice is automatically generated upon arrival at the account.)

  • Courier Service:

Prices for courier service throughout Tbilisi: 0.01 Kg - 10 Kg - 7 GEL 10-20 kg 25 GEL Courier service on the territory of Georgia (except Tbilisi): 0.01 Kg - 10 Kg - 10 GEL 10-20 kg 20 GEL In case of more than 20 kg, please contact us to check the tariff




Experience gained with our partners, authorized airline operators, allows us to offer special terms of service.

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comprehensive information about our activities.

Our services can be used by bothindividuals and legal entities.

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